Bought this hat at Handmade City Craft show last weekend (post about that in the near future). I wanted to add a little extra to my already cool hat… BAM! Neon Pink Jumbo Pom! You can’t tell but by the pictures but it also has glitter thread in it too. Happy Friday ~ Rose





It is no secret I prefer old over new and something rare versus something mass-produced. I started collecting random vintage holiday decor a few years ago and still don’t know what I plan on doing with it all. The small items look cute all piled into a hurricane and I admit I am making a cliche DIY vintage ornament wreath. This recent holiday season I stumbled upon a giant grab bag of holiday kitsch. Most items seem to have been cake toppers or floral embellishments. The nightmare elf is so hideous he is almost adorable…almost. I thought i would post some of these items and give you the green light to use the images for any projects you may be working on. I photographed all of these and found that the images make kick-ass lock screens, etc. So here are some collages of vintage cute. Some waxy fake and fabulous, others worn and barely glittered by now.






Now please brace yourself for a cocktail of cute and horror…


While they are adorable and charming, I admit if I awoke with one staring back at me from my pillow I would crap a yule log for sure!

Here are a few of the images I used for my devices to jolly them up for the holiday. If you have never ventured into snagging pictures for your devices just tap and hold onto the image on this blog post, save to your gallery and then navigate back to your device “settings”.




If you do reuse on any social media outlets, please share the love and tag #obsesssesh. Enjoy and Merry (vintage) Christmas!

fly like paper

November 22, 2013

I have always been obsessed with paper dolls. Honestly obsessed. I loved them growing up. I had a shirt box of them as a child and a battery leaked battery acid on almost all of them. I kept it a secret from my mother for a few days because I knew she would make me throw them out….so yeah I played with battery acid soaked paper dolls. Perhaps that is why I am the way I am today. Yikes. So this year I decided to make a paper doll costume for Halloween. Yes I said Halloween in November. Pin this now, make it later.

Here are some images and help if you want to make one yourself. I bought one solid blue posterboard and one white. Finding the blue posterboard was a lifesaver because I was honestly thinking I would have to paint some to get the same effect. Instead all I needed was a magic marker, glue, scissors and two posterboards.


Notice even my beer had a paper doll cover. Don’t forget when you add the paper doll tabs to mark the dotted lines along the edges. Here are some back views for your reference.


The second loop around my waist helped keep the costume from aimlessly flopping about. I made the neck loop nice and loose so the costume hung true to wear a top would. Next is a view of my accessories:


I made a false front so I would have a bag for the night. A clutch is the perfect solution. I made a simple “folder” style false front and hot-glued it onto a thrift store clutch. For my headband I made a fake bow and cut a long strip of posterboard to wrap around a headband and secure with hot glue. I had a blast wearing my costume and pretty much think I will be it again next year. Of course, as always with our DIY posts if you have any questions just shoot us and email, tweet or FB message. Happy Hallowsgiving!

/ beth /

the void

November 16, 2013

voidSometimes life isn’t all about a gold dipped pumpkin for your holiday party table. And really, aren’t we all a little tired of the gold dipped DIYs out there? How many things need to be dipped in gold before it officially becomes a “that’s so 2013″ moment? Up until about 2 seconds ago I was a fan of the gold dip, shinny, let’s-throw-glitter-all-over-everything-cuz-life’s-a-party movement that seems to have taken over the blogsphere, but that is just it… everyone is throwing the same party. I don’t know why I am programmed to think this way but soon as something becomes everyone’s thing it is an immediate turn off for me. Sometimes it’s upsetting because I still want it to be my thing but I can’t convince my brain to ignore the “jump ship” command! It’s like being an awkward teenage Weezer fan until you go to one of their shows and the shitty frat crowd sucks the love for their tunes right out of you. Since when did all these people become Weezer fans, and why do they suck?! Anyway, shouldn’t bloggers be publishing original content – sprouted from original ideas? Enough with the gold dip, let’s go goth. Stop filling the void of original ideas with gold dipped party accessories… be the void. Or at the very least try to be different. I love a good trend as much as the next girl, but let’s follow the first definition of trend (a general direction in which something is developing or changing) and keep things changing, original, different. Let’s throw a party with a center piece void of gold. It can be done.  ~ rose  (inspiring art – Kyle Thompson Photgraphy / Jonni Cheatwood)




How To Hint a Party Theme

November 13, 2013

Please excuse this post as I am trying to avoid mommy-blogging territory with it. I am still trying to come to grips with the fact that my son Cormac just turned 3 a few weeks ago. I wanted to post some inspiration for you to throw a theme party without smacking your guests with a Trade Mark every time they turn around. Trust me, I love a good theme party…ok fine it is safer to say I live for that shit! Mac loves Toy Story but decided the week before the party he wanted to dress up as an Aquabat. Even more reason to calm it down with the theme. Here are a few tips to keeping your head about it all:


Borrow fonts, colors and iconic elements from your theme. I am obsessed with the basic white cloud on blue that has become a staple in the Toy Story franchise. I also played off the green army men Mac loves from the movies and did some cupcake toppers with them. Everywhere else, I just stuck with bright and bold colors. I keep food grab-able and easy. If the phrase “walking tacos” is foreign to you, prepare to have your mind blown.


A crock pot full of taco meat + snack size bags of Doritos + various taco accoutrements = a very crowd pleasing meal. I may or may not have consumed 3 that day. A photo booth seems to have become a staple item at any party anymore. I am a huge fan.


For our Toy Story backdrop, Andie and I just hung a blue sheet from the deck and taped poster board cut-outs of clouds to it. I painted up a fake Etch-A-Sketch frame for pictures as well. Later I used the app PicsArt to add a sketchy effect to those images (see above picture of Spider Girl). If your mind was blown by the walking tacos, please scoop up your brains from the ground and prepare for the best party game evar!


The donut tree has become a fan favorite and this year we even had the adults partake. It is like bobbing for apples, but with less servings of fruit and no water up your nose. You hang donuts from a tree at heights that will accommodate your players mouths. Say “go” and it is a race (without hands) to see who can finish their donut first. Hilarity ensues. Hope these few peeks into our Toy Story party gives you inspiration to nod towards your theme in place of twerking it like Miley all over the place.

/ beth /

Card Crush: Emily McDowell

November 11, 2013

I love finding the perfect card for people I love. Or even people I like just a little bit. Beautiful, thoughtful, clever cards are my weakness, my passion, my crush. My latest crush is on Emily McDowell. She is an illustrator based in Los Angeles with a sense of humor that I really get a kick out of. The lady is funny. And lucky for me (and you) she has a series of holiday cards that so much better than the average greeting card you receive over the Christmas season.

"Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Um, okay, it can stop now."

“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Um, okay, it can stop now.”

"Aah. A new year. A blank slate. A clean start. Until we all F it up, which inevitably happens on, like, January 3rd."

“Aah. A new year. A blank slate. A clean start. Until we all F it up, which inevitably happens on, like, January 3rd.”


“This holiday season, send your loved ones tidings of comfort and joy – and cookies and bourbon. Because come on, what do we really love about the holidays?”

And if you’re like me and don’t have a cute dog or baby or husband to make a photo card with, the regular holiday greeting cards get pretty boring. So step away from the Hallmark store and visit Emily’s online shop or Etsy shop this season. Your friends and family will get a chuckle and ask you where you found such a cute card. I love that question! ~andie

Find Emily online at:

- Site/blog: http://www.emilymcdowell.com
– Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/emilymcdowelldraws
– Instagram: @emilymcdowell_
– Twitter: @emilymadeit
– Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/emily_mcdowell/


I. AM. IN. LOVE. WITH. THIS! Came across this pretty installation while searching for very fun party ideas (more on that soon!). Check out more of Amy Joy Watson’s work here and have a happy weekend! ~ Rose

So October is a fun month for me. It is my son’s birthday, my husband’s birthday and our anniversary. No pressure but that’s a lot of gift-giving to stress about. I usually try and join my husband’s birthday gift in with our anniversary but sometimes keep things separate. A few months ago I had seen a bookstand show up in my Feedly that was playful, eyecatching and unique. All words I would use to describe my dear, dear husband as well. Anywhos, I didnt exactly want to shell out the $80 dollars for it and hoped to add another function to it anyway. I then remembered my life is lousy with handymen! Of course I wish I knew Nick Offerman enough to just give him a jingle and ask for his help.

First I sketched a general concept and threw it in my handbag where it sat for about a week or so.


Then I approached a coworker who was a woodworker by hobby and asked if he could make me something like my drawing in a paint-able material. He of course is awesome and did it for me (for much less than $80).



I was also able to get the ledge/grove on one side to hold Andy’s iPhone. For those of you planning on making one, just get a stick of “light rail” molding it is the perfect grove size to hold a phone! Next I sprayed it the same color blue that our tennis racket headboard is. This little house is going to live on Andy’s nightstand and add even more color to the room.


Here is the finished product. Nothing you would see in a MoMa store but damn, I love it!



The moral of this story is BE AWARE OF YOUR NETWORK OF RESOURCES! Don’t forget who you know and their interests. Please feel free to use my coffee-stained sketch to make your own. If you have a book lover to shop for, see also this awesome bathroom birdhouse inspired book/tp holder. Happy reading!

/ beth /

Halloween Decor Inspiration

October 31, 2013

I helped style a “Mad Scientist” themed event lately and here are some images of the decor we had. Thought it may help you grab some things you may already have and work them into your Halloween decorations. My best advice for life in general, get yourself a crap-ton of brass candlesticks. We always seem to use them around Halloween. They are the easiest thing to work into decorations and look amazing with fake spiderwebs.




Happy Halloween!

/ beth /

music obsession: Chvrches

October 28, 2013

Whenever I drive to my boyfriend’s house I pass a sign for a church that looks as if it is spelled “Chvrch” because of the cursive “u.” I have to think that this old typography style is where the band Chvrches got the idea for their name. Their new album, “The Bones of What You Believe,” is refreshingly electronic and dance-y. I suggest downloading “Gun” or “Lies” if you want a sample, but truly the whole album is worth the money. And they are from Scotland, so that makes them Scottish and cool. -andie


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